We advise companies around the globe on sustainability matters and advice on raising capital for growth and expansion, sale or acquisitions. Next, Quantum provides a collaborative and advisory platform for investors to educate them on sustainable  investments and connect them to both sustainable projects and to companies that have a sustainable angle.  

UN Sustainable Development Goals 

 We focus on the integration of the sustainability themes of  the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within projects presented to Quantum. We look at projects and  companies that look for finance for Renewables,  Infrastructure and Real Estate, Agriculture and Vertical Farming, Healthcare and Education, Technology and Innovation. When projects can be upgraded with innovative ideas we come across, we advise our clients accordingly.  


expanding your business

Capital raising process

Pre selection of investment opportunities 

Where appropriate, Quantum works on a deal by deal basis with our built up  global network of other financial specialists and senior advisors around the world.  We do pre select the companies we wish to work with to ensure we can add value within our network of investors and other finance specialists. The selection criteria  that we use is also in line with our network of investors and the opportunities they search for. Next steps will then include (1) doing our proper due diligence for our investors and (2) to advice and support companies in their capital search to make sure they are ready to be presented to our investors. We introduce but also guide clients during the process on closing the deal.  

Expanding  your sustainable business into the UAE 

Next, being based in the UAE region, we can also offer support for companies who have sustainable products, concept and idea‘s and who wish to locate and  expand into the MENA region. For these kind of requests, we also work close with our own local Embassy’s and Royal Family offices based in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi.





There is an increasing investment in real estate, which reached its highest global peak at $1.8tn in 2018. Next, by  2050 almost 70% of the world population will live in cities.Therefore we believe that with these trends combined with the further expansion  of infrastructure like roads and data, we NEED to  built our cities in a more sustainable way. There is a growing trend in flexible Co working spaces and network communities in cities,  while the young generation is taking their business more global and even online with traveling easier around  the globe. They will decide where to  live and work in a city that offers  them a sustainable environment.

Given the environmental footprint of large infrastructure and real estate  projects, a key area of our focus is therefore advising and supporting real estate developers and real  estate investors with the concept of creating sustainable real estate projects and upgrading current real  estate investments. We therefore combine raising capital together with advisory for sustainable real estate development and real estate  investment. 


Everything starts with the right Design for a building. 

We have a network of architects,  designers and advisors and teams  around the world that support us and  the developers that wishes to work  with our team for a sustainable design. We support in getting a LEED certificate or any other green  certificate with keeping in mind it’s  not about only getting a green certificate but creating awareness of  the positive impact with creating a  sustainable building



Our team is also invited to speak on  a regular basis at international events. In the past we have talked  on  events about impact investing, the water:energy:food nexus, sustainability reporting and the current state of SDG implementation in MENA to give a few examples. 

We are passionate about raising awareness and helping to educate  and advise on impact investing  and  sustainability more generally.  Creating awareness about the current state of the world, the opportunities that exist, and helping to demystify both the investment return that can be achieved from sustainability projects and the ways in which business can make the transition is of  utmost importrance.  

We  are therefore focused on  educating investors  and companies so that more project opportunities are created and more capital can flow from  the  private  space  into  the  impact investment  space.



One of our priorities as a team is Woman Empowerment, looking to do what we can to help advance the UN SDG in this area. In some cases we support with the coaching of women in organisations or entrepreneurs, in other cases we help with the organisation of specific events, or we look to raise capital specifically for women led companies  Quantum's ambition is to make an extra  effort to empower women and provide them with the capital support they are looking for. 

Quantum, founded by Christine Kampinga, is promoting that every  woman can make a  difference in many cases by simply doing what they believe in and underpinning this with strong perseverance.