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About Us



Quantum Impact Investing is an independent investment and advisory firm focused on sustainability and impact investing. Quantum was  founded by formerJP Morgan Corporate Investment Banker Christine Kampinga from the Netherlands. 

Within Quantum we work for companies and projects that are linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The Quantum team has over 88 years of international experience in the field of Banking, Consultancy, Business  Development, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability.  




Currently, around $500bn is invested globally in sustainable investments or better called impact investing. However much more focus and investment is needed to enable a real change for a complete transition into a more sustainable way of investing and doing business. Climate change is a very important driver but also doing good for our planet and all living being on it, has become for investors more important. 

Our company's mission is therefore to influence and promote the flow of private capital into sustainable companies and projects around the world.  

Our core main values are responsibility,  transparency and  integrity. While we always look to create added value for our investors and clients, we are also aware we serve one common goal, the well being of our planet and humanity. 

It all starts with planting a seed and creating awareness  



Our company is based in Dubai.  We see the UAE as the  perfect hub from which our team can work in different timezones and can easily travel to engage with our international project opportunities. The Quantum team comprises a number of seasoned European professionals who pride themselves with their hands on approach, being strict about quality, and on a daily basis thinking and communicating globally with our clients.  



With our team's background in the financial  banking  and  consultancy industry, we select  the  right  opportunities and  bring  together on our platform the  two  worlds  of  investors looking  for  sustainable  opportunities  and  companies with sustainability ambitions looking  for  investors. 


CEO & Founder


Christine Kampinga

 Christine  is  Dutch  and  has  a  long  standing  career   of  25  years in  corporate  and  investment banking  with  her  last  position  as  Executive  Sales  Director  within  JP  Morgan. She  also  had  a  career and  is  specialised  in  real  estate  investments.  Her  financial  network  is  based  in  Asia,  Europe  and  North  America.  

Senior Advisor


Gus  Schellekens 

Gus  is  Dutch  and  has  had  a  long  career in management consulting, most recently as a partner  with  E&Y leading the Sustainability consulting team in MENA.  Gus has  extensive international experience, and has been working in the  MENA  region for  the last  10  years.  

Managing Partner


Juan  Perez

Juan  is  Spanish  and specialised  in  engineering.  He  has  been  running  a  luxurious  network  of  HNWI  in  MENA  region  for  the  last  6  years,  Next  to  Quantum , Juan  is  still  running  the  Luxurious  Network  where  we  promote sustainability  and  corporate responsibility to the  brands  we  work  with.